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27 Aug 2022 App Of The Day


by Illusion

  • Cyclope
  • Cyclope
  • Cyclope
  • Cyclope
  • Cyclope
  • Cyclope

Cyclope will transform your smartphone into a GPS computer and your bike into a connected bike.

You will know the position, during your bike trips, of the cyclists around you on a 3D map. You will visualize the routes according to their difficulty of percentage of slope.
If you select a cyclist on the map, Cyclope will show you the time difference between you.

Bike route planner. 

Create your bike route directly on your smartphone. Cyclope will tell you the distance, estimated time and elevation gain.
Cyclope will guide you on the 3D map during your bike ride.

Chat and voice connection.

Ability to communicate by voice like professional cyclists with their headset.

You can use the messaging system integrated into Cyclope to inform the whole group of a change in the bike route if everyone is not following, or simply prepare a ride. Know who is coming and where to go.

Share your performance on social networks.

In the form of a calendar, find all your bike rides with the route, its profile, performance data and a Relive function to relive your ride. Ability to share your performance on social networks.


Every week, try to win a distinctive Tour de France jersey.

The Yellow Jersey will accumulate the points of the classification of the Green and White Polka Dot Jersey and will reward the most complete cyclist.

At the end of each month, the best will win the World Champion rainbow jersey.
He can wear it for the next month on Cyclope.

Bike tracking.

Bike tracking function. You will be able to follow your loved ones to know where they are and see their progress.

Other functions.

  • Fall detector.
  • Weather and forecast
  • Automatic pause.
  • Quick trouble button to alert friends of a mechanical issue.
  • Compass.
  • Customizable avatar from a choice of several Cyclopes.
  • Customizable horn. Choose from several horn types in the library, ranging from a bicycle bell to a boat or train horn.

Battery optimization. Remember to disable wifi on your smartphone.

Have a good bike ride with Cyclope.

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