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Daily note diary

13 Mar 2019 App Of The Day

Daily note diary

by Nikunj Pagada

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  • Daily note diary
  • Daily note diary

Do you have lots of thoughts every day? Would you like to keep them just for yourself? Do you use a paper notes on a regular basis?
Organize your thoughts and your life in your notes that you always have with you. Write them down to Daily note diary.

Daily note diary is a simple application which lets you write daily thoughts/ideas/memories with a simple user interface. Add a visual touch to your memories attaching a photo.

Product Features :
1. Simple to use
2. Password protected
3. Date-wise expand and collapse list
4. Attach Photos
5. Take picture from Camera and attach
6. Quick search
7. List all entries
8. Backup & Restore

=> Daily note diary app provides to hide the secret beautiful notes facility.
=> You have many options for your daily notes like note title, note with date, note’s long description.
=> You can update your diary notes also.
=> Save your secret data with password protection. 
=> Personal secretary
=> My daily dairy 
=> My dairy
=> Secret lock dairy 
=> Diary with lock
=> Journey Diary
=> Dream Diary
=> Offline Diary
=> Private Diary
=> Personal Diary
=> Amazing Secret Diary with Lock
=> Moment Diary
=> Girls Diary
=> Your Diary

1. Clear all search history.
2. Reset all the information
3. Change your note’s font size
4. Lock your notes
5. Change pin lock
6. Synchronize with local drive or any other drive.
7. Emoji support.
8. Add images and video with note.
9. Synchronize with other device.
10. Search any data easily. 
11. Expand and collapse notes month and year wise

-> Daily note diary app completely free to download.

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