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DiabetesMantra- Sugar tracker Diet Recipe Exercise

12 May 2022 App Of The Day

DiabetesMantra- Sugar tracker Diet Recipe Exercise

by Mantra Care

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  • DiabetesMantra- Sugar tracker Diet Recipe Exercise
  • DiabetesMantra- Sugar tracker Diet Recipe Exercise
  • DiabetesMantra- Sugar tracker Diet Recipe Exercise

Looking for something that helps you to defeat diabetes? Get the 'complete' Diabetes treatment app that provides all diabetes treatment solutions packed in one app.

This free app powers you with all tools needed to beat diabetes including a Blood Sugar Tracker, Calorie Tracker, Diabetes Diet plan, Diabetes-friendly Recipes, Tips, Diabetes Course, Diabetes Exercise, Yoga, Dieticians, and Health coaches.

This app uses Artificial Intelligence to measure and heal damaged metabolism, which is the root cause of diabetes and helps you treat diabetes.


✔️Health tracking:
Glucose tracker, Ketones tracker, Weight tracker, Blood Pressure Tracker, Exercise tracker, Calories tracker, Sleep Tracker, Water Tracker & More

✔️Diabetes diet control:
Know what to eat or not, 300+ diabetic-friendly recipes, customized diabetic diet plan, Dieticians

✔️Lifestyle suggestions:
Diabetic-friendly exercises, Yoga, Stress reduction, Hypertension reduction

✔️Diabetes learning:
Learning Courses on fighting diabetes*, Fun Quizzes, Diabetes tips, Diabetes community & forum

✔️Diabetes reversal features:
Ideal weight calculator ( BMI Calculator ), Calories requirement calculator ( BMR Calculator ), Nutrition calculator, Chat with doctors

✔️Diabetes Shop:
Diabetes Ayurveda / Herbs, Whole Grains, Snacks, Supplements

📌Diabetes-related conditions*
Manage cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, thyroid, stress & improve the overall immune system

Lose weight/obesity:
Personalized diet chart* and meal planner based on BMI & food preferences

Daily challenges with friends to improve fitness & lose weight. A motivated training club keeps your spirits up and ensures that you stick to the diet plan and exercise app.

Start your diabetes reversal journey today and join 30,000+ users who have naturally cured their diabetes without medicines. Our app provides education, inspiration, and support to diabetics across the world, in an easy, unique way by staying connected with an assigned team of doctors, dieticians, and health coaches

There are more perks to our app apart from diabetes reversal including weight loss, better diet, stress reduction, and blood pressure control.

Free users receive daily messages related to diet, exercise, relevant activity, etc. They can keep a record of their blood sugar levels and other vitals like BP and weight.

Paid users, can communicate with an assigned doctor and send their blood sugar levels, diet, and exercise details. They can also communicate with an assigned health coach and dietician to get help and moral support whenever needed.

Guidance of some of the best healthcare practitioners enables Diabetes Mantra to combine technology and the latest medical science to deliver the best in diabetes and other chronic conditions.

💸Download the app today to treat diabetes naturally

📌Sync with Pedometers*:
Diabetes Mantra syncs activity & step counter data by seamlessly integrating with Fitbit and Mi.

🏅About Diabetes Mantra:
Mantra Care is a part of Mantra Care – a global healthcare service provider. We have pioneered an online health platform that can treat chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and physiotherapy.

⭐*Available with Diabetes Mantra Premium⭐

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