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Digitrac - Farm Tractor, Equipments, Spare Parts

01 Jul 2021 App Of The Day

Digitrac - Farm Tractor, Equipments, Spare Parts

by Digitrac

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  • Digitrac - Farm Tractor, Equipments, Spare Parts

Now, the focal point of this article is not tell you about how great a tractor manufacturer DIGITRAC is (which is a given and if you downloaded the DIGITRAC tractor buying app and read the brochure you would be surprised as to how advanced and state-of-the-art the tractors are). It is about what the company represents and what it has to offer to the Indian farmers.

These are dark times when we do not have the luxury of shop-hopping for tractors. We cannot walk into a showroom and ask around. However, since Covid-19 hasn’t brought the rest of the world to a halt, DIGITRAC has ensured that you can purchase your tractor right from your homes, without any hassle.

For this, you will need to download the DIGITRAC app. Through this app, you can surf their brochure and decide which tractor you want. The DIGITRAC PP 43i is a great tractor to start with if this is your first purchase. It’s best suited and built for the beginner level farming duties. However, it has the capacity to do so much more. It is really economically priced as well, given the kind of specifications that it comes with. There are two other tractor models: the DIGITRAC PP 46i and the DIGITRAC PP 51i. The 46i is the one that you need to go for if you are on a limited budget but want the best of your money. It has highly-advanced specifications that can put almost any other tractor to shame. As for the PP 51i, it is easily one of the well-rigged and equipped tractor models in the country currently. It has an amazing heavy hydraulic lift capacity (1800kgs) and an extremely powerful engine (60HP@2200RPM). There are other features that you wouldn’t even dream of finding installed in most of the other Indian tractor models.

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