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Disguised Voice Recorder

Disguised Voice Recorder

by Claude Newman

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Disguised Voice Recorder (DVR) with clever disguises allows you to record audio discretely and keep it secret / hidden.

Let out your inner spy and record audio in secret to:
- catch out a liar
- respond to threats/blackmail
- gather evidence stealthily
- be a private investigator

Being a spy is not for you?
DVR also has the function of an ordinary voice recorder and of course it can be used as a notepad for shopping lists, to-do lists etc.

Special features:
DISGUISED AS A NOTEPAD - you can type into the notepad and the START/STOP buttons are disguised as SAVE/UNDO buttons to hide from suspicious adversaries.

POWER BUTTON ACTIVATION - start recording with your phone in your pocket. You can select the number of power button presses to launch the app and start recording. It works even if the device is locked. App will go to the background when recording starts for added stealth.

- Disguise START/STOP buttons as SAVE/UNDO
- You can hide app logo when open
- You can disable the option to view recordings
- App name is not shown (it is called "Notes" when installed)
- You can set the app to give no indication that it records audio

RECORDINGS VIEWER - play, rename, delete, and share your audio recordings.

VIBRATE SETTINGS - you can choose the length of vibration to tell you when recording starts/stops.

- Set maximum file size to save on memory
- Save to Internal Storage or External SD Card (on Android 6 and above)
- Name files by number or by date/time in various formats
- Select audio format
- Select audio sampling rate
- Select encoder bit rate

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