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Do & Don't In Islam

Do & Don't In Islam

by Atrule Technologies

  • Do & Don't In Islam
  • Do & Don't In Islam
  • Do & Don't In Islam
  • Do & Don't In Islam
  • Do & Don't In Islam
  • Do & Don't In Islam
  • Do & Don't In Islam

ATRULE Technologies presented a new Islamic application for Muslim and Islamic researchers. The application is designed for both Muslims and non-Muslims so they can understand the moral principles of Islam. This Islamic application specifies which acts are authorized in Islam and which acts are prohibited in Islam.

This comprehensive yet precisely featured Hadees app will enable us to understand to figure out the authentic resources of sayings. Building up this best Islamic application for helping the Muslims & Non-Muslims to get the right information about Islam with authentic references with guidance about not following the prohibited acts or things in Islam. 

Core Features Of Quran Hadees application:

  • Ensuring to deliver the Muslims accurate, authentic, and reliable information. 
  • Duas, Quran, verses, and Ahadess of authentic resources. 
  • Quran Hadees application with translation. 
  • The Hadees app is featured with all of the narrations with references. 

This best Islamic application is developed by single-minded engineers with the best integration and features that have a user-friendly interface and are easy to understand. Everyone can use this Do & Don’ts in Islam Application to increase Islamic knowledge with authentic places. Providing comprehensive solutions that are structured with all requisite Islamic information in a minute. 

Our best Quran and Hadees Application features driven to know Islam in-depth:

Complete Holy Quran 

  • You will get the advantage of complete Quran recitation in multilingual phonetics. 
  • Translation, audio listening Holy Quran & transliteration. 
  • The feature of pick and zoom the font size. 

The Islamic application is very well developed and anyone can use it with ease. Additional features are added based on user feedback.

The application contained numerous useful features in its first release and now we are trying to make it more user-friendly and informative.

Hadith Collection:

Elevate the blissful experience with listening and reading the authentic resource place with our fully integrated feature of the Ahadess application. Hadess collection center is well structured with reference and narrations by a reliable source. 

Fully Researchable Quran:

For the time now, you can research any verse, Quran Surah in just the English language. Research any surah and bookmark, share, annotate. 

Our Application Contains Several Amazing Features Mentioned Below:

- Users can see what is ordered in Islam.

- Users can view what is forbidden in Islam.

- Notification alerts can be set for daily reminders to Explore daily.

- Every day you will receive a notification with one do & don't at the time.

- Users can change the notification anytime they like.

Do’s and Don’ts:

This app is well-curated to act as your teacher to prohibit you from not following the acts that are against Islamic rules and values. Additionally, it will design the lifestyle with updated knowledge that will bring a new change in Muslim's life. 

  • It is featured to add the order in Islam. 
  • The user can read about the Do’s & don’ts in Islam. 
  • The power featured app that will notify you with a daily reminder. 

You can freely submit your reviews and suggestions. We’ll appreciate your feedback.

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