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Droid Insight 360: Suite of five integrated Apps

28 Apr 2018 App Of The Day

Droid Insight 360: Suite of five integrated Apps

by Vishtek Studios LLP

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  • Droid Insight 360: Suite of five integrated Apps
  • Droid Insight 360: Suite of five integrated Apps
  • Droid Insight 360: Suite of five integrated Apps
  • Droid Insight 360: Suite of five integrated Apps
  • Droid Insight 360: Suite of five integrated Apps
  • Droid Insight 360: Suite of five integrated Apps
  • Droid Insight 360: Suite of five integrated Apps

Droid Insight 360 is an integrated and a powerful suite with five essential apps built into one. With Droid Insight 360, we aim to reduce the clutter of having redundant and separate apps. File Manager, Benchmark, Device Info, App Manager, Dev Tools(Root Checker and Admob Test ID) - five apps in one integrated suite, all at an incredibly small size of 2.5 MB. 

Why use Droid Insight 360 :
Five apps integrated onto one suite :
1. File Manager : 
▪️ Features an intuitive and a powerful File Manager built from the scratch. 
▪️ Shows previews for photos, videos, music and GIF’s.
▪️ Has all file manager actions (open, search, navigate, copy and paste, cut, delete, rename, share, unzip).
▪️ Two different layouts - Has list and grid view.
▪️ Customize the grid view to display two, three or four columns.
▪️ Clean, reliable and fast with an intuitive material UI. 
▪️ Has over ten different themes with a full night mode.
▪️ Highly customizable with desktop-grade features in your pocket.

▪️ Benchmark your device with a simple yet powerful and a customizable built-in benchmark.
▪️ Features CPU, RAM(read speed) and SQLite benchmark to assess your device.
▪️ Predicts the CPU encryptions/sec, RAM read speed, and SQLite DB performance)
▪️ Share the benchmark results.

3. Device Info : 
▪️ Get all the essential details(HW and SW info) about your phone with Device Info.
▪️ Know your phone's processor, RAM, SOC, GPU, storage, network, battery, sensor, real-time RAM/CPU usage and S/W information. 
▪️ Displays list of all sensors. Search/filter sensors by name.
▪️ Supports all the themes with a full night mode.

4. App Manager : 
▪️ View and manage all your apps at one place with the App Manager. 
▪️ View app related info, launch or uninstall apps with an intuitive interface.
▪️ Shows app count, installed and last updated date along with the version code.
▪️ Search and filter system/user apps through app search.

5. Dev Tools : 
▪️ Know whether your device is rooted and check your device for root access with the Root Checker.
▪️ Verify whether proper root (superuser or su) access is configured and working.
▪️ Simple, quick and reliable tool to check root access, root availability, busy box status and root path.
▪️ Developers can use the built in Admob Test ID generator to know the Admob Test ID.

Other features :
> Has app shortcuts (Android 7.1 or above) to launch and use the apps separately.
> Has an overview tab that shows real-time CPU & RAM usage. View the same in Device Info.
> Has a clean, material design. 
> Has 10 themes and a full Night Mode that's compatible across all the apps in Droid Insight 360. 
> Built for everyone - Built for casual & power users, developers and device testers.
> Optimized to run on a wide range of low end devices with a small download size of 2.5 MB.
> Droid Insight 360 is optimized for tablets and Android Go.

Notes :
App manager : Uninstallation of system apps is not recommended. 

Device Info & File Manager : Compatible from API 16.

Benchmark : It is not advised to run the benchmarks while the device is charging. 

Droid Insight 360 is crafted with love and passion for Android. Enjoy using Droid Insight 360. We’d love to hear from you, so leave a review and tell us what we can do to make this the best Android utility suite.

Crafted with in India.


© 2018. Droid Insight 360 is developed and published by Vishtek Studios LLP. ‘Droid Insight 360’ and associated elements are owned by Vishtek Studios LLP. Vishtek Studios LLP is a registered, bootstrapped, self funded and incorporated LLP with two designated partners. All rights reserved.

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