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Droid Secret Codes

Droid Secret Codes

by kingdev17

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  • Droid Secret Codes
  • Droid Secret Codes
  • Droid Secret Codes
  • Droid Secret Codes
  • Droid Secret Codes
  • Droid Secret Codes
  • Droid Secret Codes

Scan your android device and unlock hidden features, infos codes and hacks you didn't know before.
Now it's not necessary to remember all those codes *#. with Droid Secret Codes you can execute them directly with one finger tap!
Accesses the secret menu of your phone easily, just tap! enjoy! and have fun!
Example : 
-field mode, general test mode, IMEI number, check call forwarding, SMS message center, activate call waiting, Quick test menu, 
Get easyly your device information with Droid Secret Codes :
- operating system information ( build realease, finger print, build Id...etc );
- Screen information ( height pixels, width pixels );
- drawable information ( icon original height and width )
- device information (brand, manufacturer, model,...etc )
- Dencity information

Get easyly Test device information with Droid Secret Codes :
Vibration, Flashlight, Sensor, Battery, Bluetooth, Wifi, Brightness.
Droid Secret Codes: List all secret codes (HiddenMenu) on your device. 
Firmware : Browse for the stock firmwares available online, for your phone and for any other mobile model.
available manufacturers : samsung, sony, oppo, htc, lg, motorola, nokia, apple and other
Main Features: Displays the following information about your phone.

▪ General Info:
- Manufacturer / Brand
- Phone Model
- Device Type
- Product Name
- Country of Origin
- Manufacturing Date
- Knox Warranty Void
- Colour / Internal Storage

- Product Code
- Original CSC Code
- Firmware's CSC Code
- Active CSC Code
- Available CSC Codes
- CSC Country
- Mobile Operator

- Bootloader Version
- PDA Version
- CSC Version
- Baseband Version
- Latest Firmware
- Kernel Version / Architecture (32/64-bit)
- Java Virtual Machine (Dalvik or ART)

- Root Existence
- Android Version
- Build Number
- Build Fingerprint
- Build Description
- Build Date
- Changelist

- Hardware / Board (CPU 32/64-bit)
- Platform / Chip
- GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
- Modem Board
- Hardware Revision
- Total RAM
- Screen (physical size in inches, resolution in pixels, density in dpi and ppi)
- Sound Card
- Camera
- Sensors
- Battery (technology, capacity in mAh, health)

- Android Serial Number
- Samsung Serial Number

- Headset Connect Counter
- Charger Connect Counter (root required)
- S Pen Detach Counter (root required, for Galaxy Note series only)

- CPU/Battery/Ambient temperatures
- CPU/Memory usages
- Battery voltage/level
- Signal strength

One of the most common practices amongst today’s software developers is to leave certain kind of “backdoors” within operating systems. These “backdoors” essentially allow any users with sufficient knowledge to get into the system at a much deeper level than you’d expect from normal users. These backdoors aren’t always meant to be used for malicious intent, as they allow programmers to get into the system for troubleshooting when other usual access modes have been blocked. And to developers, they can be quite friendly and helpful if you know what you’re doing. In smartphones these backdoor are called “secret codes”.

IMPORTANT! Some manufacturers do not allow the use of these codes and they may not work on your device. By using secret codes you can modify certain parameters of your device. Use at your own risk!

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