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DSLR Camera : 2018

12 May 2018 App Of The Day

DSLR Camera : 2018

by philainfotech

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  • DSLR Camera : 2018
  • DSLR Camera : 2018
  • DSLR Camera : 2018

DSLR Camera: 2018

DSLR Camera 2018 Photo editor app is your ultimate Blur effect app Want to give your pic a focus blur effect? Want to set a focus blur background to an image?Want to give blur like DSLR Effect to your image? If yes, then DSLR Camera: 2018 and focus camera is the ideal blur Aap image editor to do so.

DSLR Camera: 2018 is the best photo blur tool to blur image background and create real DSLR Camera effect.

DSLR Camera:2018 with Brush,Blur reset and rotate images.

DSLR image having multiple functionalities like:
?    Aspect Ratio Cropping.
?    Circular Blur Effect
?    Linear Blur Effect
?    Pixel Blur Effect 
?    Magic brush painting feature.
?    Category wise lots of different stickers.

DSLR Camera: 2018 are some basic features of this amazing app. You can also share images all images that you have created on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram etc. directly. 

Key features of blurred focus effect image editor
•    Image picking from Gallery and selfie Camera
•    Picture Blur intensity adjustment to increase blur picture effects
•    Blur Mode
•    Undo and reset option for blur background focus camera app
•    Attractive UI.
•    Photo filters and photo effects

Now, you don't need a DSLR camera or you don't need be a professional photographer to make a DSLR Style Blur Background effect on your Photo. 

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave them on the reviews! We'd love to hear from you.

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