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Eatiko - Food Delivery & Restaurant Finder

15 Jun 2021 App Of The Day

Eatiko - Food Delivery & Restaurant Finder

by Eatiko Food Delivery

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  • Eatiko - Food Delivery & Restaurant Finder
  • Eatiko - Food Delivery & Restaurant Finder
  • Eatiko - Food Delivery & Restaurant Finder

Eat whatever you like, whenever you Want.
Whether you want a tasty dosa for breakfast, or a heavenly sadhya for lunch, or a refreshing coffee to boost up your mind, Eatiko is your one and only partner you need. Order your favorite food from your favorite Restaurants!! If you are in the office or home, or anywhere else, we will deliver it to your doorstep. With more than 3 lakh successful orders and deliveries, you can order from more than 250 + best, handpicked restaurants and enjoy your meal without any hurdles! With safe and fresh delivery, Eatiko will be your perfect partner.
Search Your Location
Select your location through our App by searching it in the search bar or selecting from the map. Mark your place and Order your food and get delivered with perfection!
Order the Food!
Choose your favorite restaurant and order your food and choose the quantity and check out. Our delivery boys are all around the city and deliver your order ASAP.
You can order from some of the best restaurants in your area. Select your favorite food ranging from pastries, starters, appetizers to desserts from the best, hand-picked restaurants near your location. They will deliver your food with complete perfection!
You can check out by using online payment methods like UPI or Cash on delivery. You can choose whichever methods you like.
Track the order
After you check out, you can see the status of your food on the “Track Your Order” page and if you want to communicate with your Delivery guy, you can see his contact number after the food is assigned to him and if there is any location change, you can simply contact him and change it. At Eatiko, the user can track their order and delivery easily through our App.
User-friendly UI and Service
The user interface is really simple and if the user has any complaints, we are happy to help you and resolve the issues at any time. You can check your delivery easily without any problems.
Details about restaurant
You can see the details about the restaurants in our App too. You can see the opening and closing times, types of food, and the distance from your location to the restaurant.
Interesting offers only on EATIKO!!
You could get interesting offers only on Eatiko, just for you!! You can also participate in some exclusive limited-time runs for some food products and be lucky to win them!
Clean, safe, fresh delivery
You can get your delivery fast and clean. We want to make people safe and you deserve to eat fresh food and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.
Stay Home, Stay Safe
As a responsible human, we all respect your health begging you all to stay home during this pandemic and let us deliver what you need. Every delivery guy under Eatiko performs sanitization before every delivery. We DO NOT want to harm any one of you. We all are one family and we should fight this pandemic together.
Permissions Requested:
• Location – Marking your location to order and deliver from your nearest restaurants.
• SMS – Reading OTP for verification of phone number for placing an Order.
All you need is love and food. With Eatiko, you can get both ;)
Not in your city yet? We hope to be there soon!

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