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English to Hindi Dictionary

English to Hindi Dictionary

by Rizwan Ali

  • English to Hindi Dictionary
  • English to Hindi Dictionary
  • English to Hindi Dictionary
  • English to Hindi Dictionary

English to Hindi Dictionary is learning Android Application, designed to facilitate the Hindi speaking users who are keen to learn the meanings of English words in easy and interactive way. This dictionary can be used in two modes, one is English to Hindi, and another is Hindi to English that can be switched through easy tapping via arrow present on main home screen.

Further categories entail:
• Home: which allows the users to opt from their desirable language to translate and search its meanings, be in English to Hindi or Hindi to English.
• Thesaurus: This option is included for the ease of user to select any particular Hindi alphabet and search all the related English words that starts from that particular alphabet, accordingly.
• Users can listen to the audio of that English word, helping them to learn the pronunciation of English word along its meanings.
• This dictionary also allows the antonyms to the selected English words.
• The Ace feature of the App is its Hindi Keyboard, which helps the user to type Hindi word quite easily when the user opt English to Hindi mode in Dictionary.
• Auto search option: This option enlists all the related words which user is looking for i.e. quick access to words assisting users to search their desirable words in no time.

Other features include:
• To mark any word favorite that can be later find in favorite folder.
• Recent words option.
• Spell Check is included.
• Quiz of the day feature is included to check whether your grip on Hindi language.
• Community is added for your easiness to interact with other people if you need any help. 
Download this free of cost learning Utility and get your hands on the smartest Dictionary towards learning English with interactive features and easy to use modes.

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