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Enkept Kiosk

23 Jun 2024 App Of The Day

Enkept Kiosk

by Fastcurve

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Prevent revenue leakage & improve organization security by Enkept Kiosk - Face recognition attendance for on-site, Mobile workforce & Visitors entry

Face biometrics is the only biometric recognition that can be manually verified too. It's important to have a good biometric authentication system to prevent revenue leakage, minimize operational productivity & maintain work discipline.

Where Enkept can be used?
Enkept Kiosk can be used in offices, warehouses, supermarkets, factories, construction sites, and other businesses. It is equally good for in-premises or offsite attendance & visitor entry.

Enkept Kiosk is super easy to install & get started. It's powered by one of the best face recognition technologies.

Enkept Kiosk is part of the Enkept suite of applications.
Kiosk app integrated with admin & staff applications. Attendance & visitor entry information can be further used for payroll calculation & productivity monitoring.

Enkept Kiosk Features
It works on any Android Mobile Phone/Tablet that can be installed at the entrance/exit gates of your office or factory.
• Enkept Kiosk takes marks selfie attendance in just milliseconds.
• No additional device is required. Use any Android tablet or mobile phone to install the app.
• Enkept applications can be used for enterprise use cases after subscription. For a subscription, call us at +91-9263015428.

Who shall use it
• HR, managers or business owners to manage onsite & offsite staff attendance & payroll
• Admins & security ream that marks visitor entries.

What's more,
• Manage location & sub-locations
• Activate/deactivate the kiosk from the central location
• Manage holidays
• Manage weekdays & weekends
• Mark present, absent, weekend, holidays, not joined
• Attendance policy for half day, overtime, fees, late punch
• Option to attach different attendance policies to staff
• Add staff, add details, enroll face,
• Manage staff access by roles
• Capture in-out time, face on each attendance & staff dashboard
• Generate reports on various filters on location, sub-location, department, employment type & others.
• Admin option to add attendance and remarks for remediation purposes.
• Visitor entry: Capture face & mark visit details
• Visitor self-registration: Allow visitors to self-register on the first visit.

And we keep adding features to new releases!

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