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EppMe is a highly secure GPS based emergency response service that doubles as a business support app. Users can send reports to our 24/7 support center within 19 seconds to enable better response when robbers attack, a medical issue arises or when fires and floods rage. With integration that provides superior features, this easy-to-use app, is your most reliable platform for personal protection, SOS services, field monitoring and more today. Because our users are known to us, our communities remain end-to-end ecosystems for information sharing and collaboration among different neighbourhoods and across the length and breadth of Nigeria. It's revolutionary. We know!

Anonymous reporting? Not exactly. Our app eliminates prank calls and false alarms to the authorities yet protects the privacy of our users through secure layers of security access.

Messages to only phone contacts? No. We actively collaborate with the authorities per case to ensure best efforts while users also automatically alert loved ones on our SOS feature.

Research shows that under threatening circumstances, people are usually unable to make calls for a number of reasons. EppMe enables users to send information that they otherwise would have been sent via phone calls to emergency centers. It just does it better.

- Report emergencies with simple phone taps
- 24/7 support
center obtains GPS coordinates of users, tags it with database profiles and generates insightful incident reports to the authorities with unbeatable speed and efficiency
- Daily updates of preset emergencies to reflect current threats
- Create your unique emergency request while we do the rest
- Get remote location reports of your team members, salesmen and marketers from a click on your computer. Generate reports for HR assessment, sales, marketing coverage, daily sales visits, at the click of a button
- Check in at that party while we connect you with fellow
Eppees at same location
- Make a special request during an emergency. See if you're lucky!
- Quick tap SOS button alerts loved ones via SMS or email

With 4 taps after app launches on mobile devices, you can be sure of a comprehensive and profiled report that is sent on your behalf to ensure prompt action and rescue efforts when you're in trouble. With media enriched features, the EppMe app is a must-have against unforeseen threats to life and property. Take a picture, send a video, we're waiting!

Value Added Services

Call our customer care lines 07044-911-911 and 07045-911-911 for further discussions on the following:

Our innovative EppMe Remote Reporter feature which remains the leading GPS reporter of choice with media enriched capabilities. Corporate organizations, businesses, and any social enterprise with field workers can now identify geographical locations of employees or groups of persons from a secure back end per time saving costs and time. Useful for ensuring compliance with sales and marketing efforts, the Remote Reporter holds great value for companies. Check "Remote Reporter" under our corporate plans on our website www.eppmeapp.com

EppMe Secure Neighbourhoods Project (SNP) specifically designed for Estates, Schools, Corporate Organizations, Hotels, Tourism Promoters, Events Managers, Logistics Companies, Security Outfits, for comprehensive management of emergencies.

EppMe Transport Management System for Schools, Transporters, Logistics Companies, Courier companies, etc to receive notifications for when certain drop offs, deliveries, visits or actions within a location have been taken. All from a single dedicated access.

EppMe Tourist Manager which provides comprehensive digital security coverage for forigners and visitors to Nigeria.

Enjoy the convenience of EppMe and create your local community of friends and family where you can enjoy the reliable security support and backing of EppMe Intelligence. Get safe, Get EppMe.

Design & Developed by Capermint Technologies.

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