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Escape From Phenomenal House

Escape From Phenomenal House

by bestescapegames

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  • Escape From Phenomenal House

Escape From Phenomenal House is a point and click type new room escape game for free developed
by BestEscapeGames. Try to Escape Larry From Phenomenal House soon.Larry is a young man living by delivering
courier in his town. Larry like to explore other towns, but he did not get the chance. One day, he got a call
from his uncle regarding a vacancy in his postal delivery shop. At once, Larry moved to his uncle house and
joined in his shop. There is an old man house near his shop, where nobody goes into the Phenomenal House. The
old man hates people who come near his Phenomenal House. One day, Larry have to deliver a post in that area near
to the old man house. But, Larry was new to the area and stepped into the old man house by mistake. The old man
was in the backyard and when he see Larry sneaking into the house, he pushed him into the door and locked him.
Larry tried to speak, but he did not believe him. Now Larry has compelled to seek out the way to Escape From
Phenomenal House on his own.

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