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EWO place

16 Aug 2020 App Of The Day

EWO place

by Mobiman

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>Earn crypto from Real Estate !

>Imagine how it feels to earn rent-like rewards paid in crypto from properties you don’t even own ?

>Don’t buy Real Estate, SUBSCRIBE !

>Popular with the blockchain crowd, EWO place turns “staking” into Real Estate Subscriptions. A new way to shadow play the property market is born…

>Join the Real Estate Rewards Club, that pays weekly.

>Subscriptions allow you to earn rewards from Real Estate operated by EWO. Better yet and because of you, local communities get lower rents and better terms.

>Rewards paid in cryptocurrency.

>Start earning by "parking" EWO tokens into a subscription ( staking ). Withdraw the rewards or your entire stake at any time. Keep a balance to enjoy regular payouts.

>No personal data required,

>No locked tokens,

>No minimums.

>Download the EWO place app and create your non-custodial wallet. The wallet’s public address becomes your membership, so you can enjoy :

>Club membership perks,

>Access to Real Estate subscriptions,

>Native EWO & ETH wallets,

>Dedicated support,

>News & alerts.

>Become a Real Estate "HODLer" without breaking the bank, in fact there is no need for banks at all.

>Hack your way into Real Estate…

>Join EWO place !

  >We want your feedback ! Get in touch using the app support chat or visit the EWO place website for more information. We are working hard on the next batch of updates, features and benefits.

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