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Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker

by spyhunter it solutions

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EXPENSE TRACKER APP is the best money manager & daily expense tracker to automatically and securely track your monthly spends. Stay within budget, pay bills on time and SAVE more every month. Find out how much you spend on food, shopping, groceries, etc. and how you are saving month on month.

This app is very easy to use.
Keep track of ALL your income, items, & expenses


You can mark your income/expenses with different categories and the app gives you the total category wise. There are many categories provided by default and you are free to create your own categories too. Colorful and meaningful icons represent each category for easy identification.

☞ Daily

A daily expense manager allows you to create a weekly report based on daily spending. If you don’t have many expenses each day, you can update it every other day or as needed.

☞ Monthly

A monthly expense manager looks at the bigger picture of your spending habits. It places transactions into categories so that you can analyze and make decisions.

The best option for you depends largely on how you plan to use the expense tracker. The expense tracker we previously discussed are all monthly trackers. Though they are updated daily, they ultimately focus on providing you with data for the bigger picture.

☞ Personal Expense Manager

The Expense tracker serves as an excellent tool for managing your personal finances. It allows you to set a budget for groceries, gas, and other categories.

☞ Expense tracker Features:

User-friendly and intuitive navigation.
Powerful built-in speech recognition. Save Money and Save Time. Autocomplete function based on your previous entries.
Built-in calculator to calculate your income and expenses.
Automatically backup your data to the cloud and restore it.
Group Your expenses by week, month or year.
Easily search for expenses, tags, or notes.
Click and left swipe an entry to edit or delete.
Home screen widget for even faster usage.

There are many people who spend more than they earn. They have problems with debt and not enough savings. They don’t track spending and they don’t plan their monthly budget better. There are a lot of transactions they forget because they don’t use an expense tracker. They don’t know how to live off their income in a responsible way. It is a path to a financial disaster that will land them in trouble in the future.

Managing personal finance is not easy with so many things we spend money on every day. Sometimes we are not conscious of how much we are spending money on things that are not important. We often wonder why our income is never enough. It is time to take back control of our spending. Use the Expense tracker APP as your budget tracker and you can also plan your budget using our budget planner, and forecast your expense for the next 6 months based on your previous spending money habit. This app is very easy to use.

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