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eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App

09 Aug 2021 App Of The Day

eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App

by Abhinav IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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  • eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App
  • eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App
  • eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App
  • eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App
  • eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App
  • eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App
  • eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App
  • eZee Test Exam-preparation, Online Test Series App

Welcome to eZee Test! An Exam-prep and Evaluation app for Android.

The eZeeTest Exam preparation App is systematically designed for Class 8th, 9th, & 10th students of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education [MSBSHSE]. 

The Easy Test App [EzeeTest App] helps the students to evaluate their learnings, achieve the targeted practice, manage time efficiently, and earn competent skills necessary to pass the Maharashtra Education Board Test.  

The Easy App is user-friendly and interactive in such a way that the parents and teachers of the student[s] are able to track and analyze the progress. 

Featured Online Test Series Available in EzeeTest Study App:
Maharashtra SSC Board Question Papers pdf 
Online Test Series - Class 8, 9, and 10
Practice Test Questions - Class 8, 9, and 10
Mock Test Papers - Class 8, 9, and 10
General Knowledge Questions
Free Online Mock Test, Practice Test, and Aptitude Tests
Custom-made Practice Questions
SSC Practice Test and Test Series

The EzeeTest Educational App comprises of about 3,00,000 questions, 70,000 total tests, and is counting more. In this easy to use an app, we have focused and covered the test/practice papers chapter-wise as per the Maharashtra State Board syllabus. 

The learning helps the students to compete at the district and state level more confidently. We ensure that you will love this app which helps you achieve academic excellence via free online mock test, test series for SSC exam, SSC mock test, SSC practice test papers, online test for class 8, 9 & 10, and, aptitude test papers. 

Moreover, we have covered all the mentioned online test series in Marathi, Urdu, & English languages. Further, we launch free test papers on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. 

If you are looking for practicing test series online, then EzeeTest App is for YOU!

EzeeTest App for Students: 
The EzeeTest App is student-friendly with security features. The Maharashtra SSC Test series discussed here could be navigated easily by the students. The students are able to choose the tests they would like to attempt, utilize the hints and solutions, and solve the papers. Further, they may use the sample paper for 8th, 9th or 10th, track their progress report and check Leaderboard for Top Performers.

EzeeTest App for Parents:
The EzeeTest Revision App has parents control settings. The parents are able to scrutinize their child’s Test series by tracking and analyzing the test paper report in real-time. Moreover, they are able to interact with their respective subject teacher[s], view their comments directly, and gain real-time course grade notifications on their mobile. 

EzeeTest App for Teachers: 
The EzeeTest Study App comes with Teachers control settings too. The subject teachers are able to view and compile their student’s progress report as the digital portfolio. They are able to analyze test attempts and time-taken by the students. This helps them create custom tests, encourage time-management and boost the confidence level of the students for future exams.

In brief, EzeeTest App provides the best learning solutions and an immersive experience for the users. 

It helps the students to be competent in achieving their academic excellence. It demonstrates the actual exams and prepares them to get accustomed to attending every aspect for the upcoming Maharashtra SSC Board Exams. Further, it helps them to attend all sorts of screening exams in the future too, as it inculcates the usage of technology during their early hours of the study itself.  

And, at the same time, they are connected with their parents and teachers in real-time.  

This Online Easy Test App is brought to you by Abhinav IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune. If you have any queries or like to send us feedback, please email us at contact@abhinavitsolutions.com

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