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Face Comparison

Face Comparison

by Mr

  • Face Comparison

Face Comparison is an interesting app, that has a lot of fun features to do with your face. Face comparison It is the best app with a lot of features and tools that are super easy and fun to use.
Features of Face Comparison App include:
Face Attributes :
You just give your picture and It’ll tell you how old you look.
Gives you your smile percentage
Beauty percentage
Calculates emotions based on your picture
It also calculates you skin health based on your picture

You can now find out your resemblance with someone using this app. App gives you how much you look like the other person.
Fun face feature lets you have fun with faces by combining two faces.
Celebrity matches lets you find out how much do you resemble your favorite celebrity.
Love match lets you find love percentage with your partner.
In addition to all this you can share all this with your friends easily from the app.


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