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Fake Call

Fake Call

by Mehran Nadeem

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Fake call app will help you to rescue yourself from the boring meeting by doing a fake call to yourself. the fake incoming call looks like a real call you can accept and reject the call. you can also adjust or customize the calling screen according to your own requirement. if you want to impress the people that some VIP people are calling you then you can use the fake call app by setting the VIP person name and phone number.

Incoming Call Simulator app will allow you to make a fake incoming call from the fake Caller id to avoid the boring situation like boring Decisions, boring Parties, and boring meetings, etc. The use of this application is very simple and easy. spoof calls app is one of the best prank calling app that makes your friends fool by doing the fake call from any VIP number, or horror vice etc.

prank call app - Would you like to make some pranks with your friends and family members? then this app is perfect for you because this app will allow you to joke with your friends and family member by doing fake calls. This app is just made for entertainment purposes and it does not provide a real call.

if you want to avoid all the awkward situations then the spoofcard app, fake call, and canular telephonique is the best option to use at this moment. The implementation of the fake caller id app is very simple and easy you just need to download the app and open it.

- Easy to use
- Fake incoming call
- Prank call
- real voice
- work online and offline
- Simply implemented
- Free of cost

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