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Fake Call: Prank video Call

Fake Call: Prank video Call

by Rabet Tech Apps

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  • Fake Call: Prank video Call
  • Fake Call: Prank video Call
  • Fake Call: Prank video Call
  • Fake Call: Prank video Call
  • Fake Call: Prank video Call

Fake Call: Prank video Call

Welcome to “ Prank Call : Fake phone Call “
Fake phone call, do SMS, video prank call from police, Santa: prank caller for fun.

Prank video call
Fake Call app is developed to fool friends with the help of prank call app. Just easily choose any celebrity photo from your device and set as fake caller id. Get Invite your classmate via social networks and join Fake Prank Call.

Prank caller
With the help of this app you can prank anyone very easily with using fake phone calland fake video call from police. With this prank call app you will receive fake video call and make fake call prank to your classmate,cousins, and friends. Make it look like the Santa are looking for you. with this fake call of video and do fake calling to police and pranks on them.

Fake for wenesday addams
This prank caller is so much easy to use, just install fake call video call and start fake calling to get entertain each other. It is so simple with a lot of fun to play with friends. Prank Call to get fun and entertaining with all of your friends that fans of any celebrity. fake call-prank callfrom wenesday addams police! prank call it's very fun to joke your friend.

Fake caller Id
Fake Call from Police - Prank Call, you can also do sms prank voice prank call from ghost and let your friends scared with ghost video fake call. It will seem like a real wenesday addams is calling you, but it would actually be a ghost fake call simulated from this prank caller app.

Fake call maker
You can pretend friends or lover with have fun. Enjoy with whole friends the app of prank phone call.

Feature of Fake Call : Prank Caller
 So much easy to use
 So much entertaining
 User friendly
 Photos of any celebrity
 Fake call for wenesday addams

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