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Fake Call, SMS,Battery,Balance

26 Jun 2016 App Of The Day

Fake Call, SMS,Battery,Balance

by yudiz

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  • Fake Call, SMS,Battery,Balance
  • Fake Call, SMS,Battery,Balance
  • Fake Call, SMS,Battery,Balance
  • Fake Call, SMS,Battery,Balance

This is a fantastic app for entertainment.

Tricking someone has become so easy now!!

There is a limitations in Android Kitkat version devices. So if you have kitkat or higher version device than Message features does not work. Otherwise it works fine for lower version as compare to kitkat.

With a push of button you can download “Fake You” for android smart phones.

Getting out of the trouble has just got easier. Whether it’s a call or sms/text, fake it easily using this app. When giving straight forward answers becomes difficult, bring this app in action and it works wonders for you.

Wanna get rid of people asking for your phone to play a game? Here’s the smartest way to avoid it. Installing “Fake You” would permit you to fake the battery usage. Trick those irritating buds by showing them a low battery symbol.

Also if you wanna get rid of people calling from your phone “Fake You” would allow you to fake balance. If you have a pesky aunty taking your phone to make various calls just show her the fake balance and get rid of her. This app can also be used to show more balance than you actually have. It is actually a very useful application to make fool out of someone.

With this App, even the president can call you. Boast amongst friends faking a call and see their expressions. This is the best way to trick someone. The calls look 100% genuine.

How to use? – A 4 step simple process
-> Add the fake call log to your phone’s original call log
-> Fill in any fake entry with number
-> Fill in date and time when you want the call to come
-> Select your Android version screen for incoming call

Boast about the call you just made!!

Simple to use and available Pro version now - Getting out of awkward situations has got so much easier!!

Please visit for pro version : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yudiz.fakeyou.pro

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