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Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank

by kalpana kovvuri

  • Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
  • Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank

This Fingerprint Lock Screen cannot really identify your fingerprint, it's just a simulated app used for fun. 
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a pretty customizable screen locker that simulates the finger scan to unlock your phone screen. When 

you press your finger on the fingerprint detector panel, the fingerprint scanner will start to scan your fingerprint and verify the 

authority. The phone will be unlocked if the validation passes, otherwise the phone screen will still be locked.

Finger Print Lock Screen provides several cool hi-tech wallpapers for you to customize your phone screen. In order to be your better 

phone lock screensaver, this fingerprint locker shows you current weather, weather forecast, clock and date right on screen as well.

How To Use FingerPrint Lock Screen :

1.Place your finger on the thumb scanner panel and scan your finger print, It starts giving you a beep.
2.Remove your finger from the fingerprint sensor when 2 Sound`s (2 times BEEP) completes, It will Unlock your phone.
3.Your Device will still be locked if it gives you more than 2 Sound`s (BEEP) or less than 2 Sound`s ( BEEP ).
4.You can change Number of sounds (Beep) to unlock your device from Settings.
5.By default sound is set to 2 times announcement. you can set Number of sounds to unlock your phone as per you need. If you change 

the Number of sound = 4 , it means that you will have to scan your thumb till 4 times sound announces to unlock.

Features Of Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank:
1.High-tech graphic and sounds which make you phone look like a high-tech Hologram device.
2.Shows digital clock, date and time.
3.Provide clear guide and easy to used.
4.Disable the home button, no one can unlock the phone with the home button.
5.More than 15 brilliant and beautiful wallpapers are provided.

Note that this app is intended to simulate a fingerprint reader and Android phone does not have this feature yet. Obviously the phone screen can not be used as a biometric fingerprint scanner for now. This technology is to be supported from hardware.
This is not a secure replacement for a real lock screen and is not for reasons of simulator. fingerprint screen lock is designed for entertainment purposes only.

The fingerprint scan is a simulated feature, it is just for fun.This Fingerprint lock screen prank is designed for fun & entertainment purposes only

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