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Firebase - Quick Access

28 Dec 2016 App Of The Day

Firebase - Quick Access

by Milind Audichya

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  • Firebase - Quick Access
  • Firebase - Quick Access
  • Firebase - Quick Access
  • Firebase - Quick Access
  • Firebase - Quick Access
  • Firebase - Quick Access

Firebase – Quick Access app is an android based application for the faster and rapid access to firebase from android phones itself.

Firebase is especially designed for developers to track various statistics and for the growth of the application.

Firebase helps you build better applications using its various features like:

Cloud Messaging - to send and receive messages

Authentication – robust authentications

Real-time Database – save and synchronize data

Storage – file storage

Crash Reporting – Notifies on crash of applications

Notifications – send notifications

App Indexing – provides organic search traffic for your application

Invites – engages users to share your application

AdWords – acquires with the reach of Google

AdMob – monetize your application by ads

And many more….

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