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Flashlight Alerts :Flash alert

07 Nov 2019 App Of The Day

Flashlight Alerts :Flash alert

by Sweet Sugar

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  • Flashlight Alerts :Flash alert
  • Flashlight Alerts :Flash alert
  • Flashlight Alerts :Flash alert
  • Flashlight Alerts :Flash alert

Flashlight alert for calls, SMS (Text Messages) and notifications from any of the installed app

Get notified of all the events with a bright flash torch notification.

Flashlight alert gives you a very handy tool to get notified of all kind of notifications with just a blinking flash torch.

There are times when you put your cell phone on silent mode and don’t want it to vibrate either; this very useful tool
comes handy at that time and notifies you only by blinking the flashlight to alert you of an important notification of either a Call from someone or a post on your Social Wall, or a tweet from a friend. Any type of notification it might be “Flashlight Alert” notifies you by blinking the Flash on and off.

A great friend and that is not harsh on your battery performance.

Special Features:
> Blink the LED flash on and off when you receive a call, a new text message.
> Control the blinking frequency and test before applying.
> Limit the flash notification to selected contacts by adding only those contacts.
> Set up when you want Flashlight alert to work, on Normal mode, Vibrating mode or Silent mode
> Categorized applications in social apps and other apps. Choose on which apps notification the flash should blink and notify you.

Download urgently this amazing app and start flashing the LED flash torch of your phone. Share with friends and family and make use of this ultimate utility app.

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