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09 Sep 2023 App Of The Day


by Flowace

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What is Flowace?

Every team leader faces a primary problem: mismanagement of time. At Flowace, its AI-driven analytics platform draws a holistic picture for businesses and automates their workflow like no other. It analyses the corners of every office team, drives your employees to balance a healthy work/life sync and enables your team's workflow to reach maximum efficiency. The platform connects all your workplace tools as they measure and provide robust analytics towards your team activity, efforts, focus, and outcome.



Flowace believes time is the most valuable asset a team can have in a world where distractions, procrastination, and burnouts are commonplace. Thus, we designed our employee tracking software to improve productivity and cater to enterprise businesses that want to manage their time, efficiency, and employees more effectively.


Flowace envisions a future where remote working is expected to replace hybrid work as the dominant trend. As part of that mission, Flowace strives to develop its analytics capabilities platform in a way where employees can freeflow their work as their time gets auto-tracked into exhaustive reports, reviews, and feedback.

Flowace Product and Services

- Handsfree Time Tracking

- SIM & Whatsapp Call Time Tracking

- Azure Devops Time Tracking

- Online Attendance

- Productivity Tracker

- Project Management Software

- Expense Management

- Billing and Invoice Management

- GPS Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Website : https://flowace.ai/free-trial/


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