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03 Oct 2017 App Of The Day


by Nathan Redfield

  • Focus
  • Focus

ocus is a clean, minimal,simple,beautifully designed time management app.

This app is designed to help clear your mind, boost your work productivity and Stay Focused on your current task at hand. Focus uses the Pomodoro Technique which
alternates between working for a set period of time usually for 25 minutes and then taking a short break. 

These Intervals (Pomodoros) can be fully customized to fit your work particular work session. Focus is beautifully designed and simple to use with just one tap of the start button and go on about your work and get periodic updates about your work progress.

Focus was designed to be minimal but super rich in features to help clear your mind and boost your work productivity. Just to name a few of Focus's Features 

*Clean Minimal Beautifully Designed UI
*Custom Session Length
*Custom Short Break Length
*Super Productive Mode
*Custom Long Break Length
*Notification For Work Sessions

And much more

Try out Focus and watch your Productivity Increase.

Clear Your Mind! Stay Focused! Work Smarter! Be Productive!

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