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Free Time

Free Time

by StealthTechnocrats

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Are you fed up with endlessly scrolling on social media in your free time?
Want to interact with the people you care about that actually have free time like you?

Get the Free Time App and ask your network for calls, texts, shared links, and/or recommended activities during your scheduled Free Time. This personal media app allows you to reach out to all of your friends at once when you are bored, wanting attention, and not sure what to do.

Free Time interaction is contact with friends to receive filtered suggestions and communication in a cross-platform experience. It’s a unique way to feel your free time with communication from your selected friends' network.

By directing your network’s attention to you, this communication app reverses the focus on social media and avoids the stigmas behind screen time, like posted perfection, seeking likes, and mindlessly scrolling the internet. Social media is not going away. So, we are aiming to make your Free Time more efficient by keeping you connected to the content and contacts you care about.

- Status Updates for the Future
- BCC group of friends.
- Reach out and reconnect with old friends.
- Keep your connections close and maintain good friendships.
- Want to talk but am not sure who to call.
- Friends network alert.
- Instant Connections.
- Receive recommendations on how to spend your scheduled free time and never be bored again
- Direct communication.
- Video gamers alert their online friends when they want to play.
- Receive calls in the car.
- Seek Attention when you really want it.
- 1 on 1 conversation.
- See your friends on a map and meet friends in area
- Maintain good relationships with the people you care about
Build your own friends zone, spot friends on the map, and notify them that you are free to do things together.

👉Try Free Time now and reinvent the way you spend free time!

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