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Fruits and vegetables for kids - learn fast & free

02 Jun 2019 App Of The Day

Fruits and vegetables for kids - learn fast & free

by Sen Grasi

  • Fruits and vegetables for kids - learn fast & free
  • Fruits and vegetables for kids - learn fast & free
  • Fruits and vegetables for kids - learn fast & free
  • Fruits and vegetables for kids - learn fast & free

Hi, welcome to our new Fruits and vegetables app designed especially for kids as it’s a combination of both aspects learn while playing a great developed and designed to be awe inspiring for kids and adults who are trying to teach kids about the daily fruits and vegetables that we use in our homes and kitchens
The fruits and vegetables is free to use application developed for youngster to quickly and easily learn about different fruits like apple, banana, mango, orange, kiwi, etc. And vegetables tomato, carrots, onions, chili, and so many others while playing.
This app is fruits and vegies 2019 is designed as free educational game so kids between and up-to 4 years can learn about the daily vegetables and fruits that are used and consumed by all in our homes. It’s interesting and useful most quick to teach your kids about the different fruits and vegetables are available and how do they look and how do sound.
The app is attentive and user-friendly, the names of fruits and vegetables are pronounced very distinctively, also the user will hear them crisp and clear, so the kids can understand the names of the fruits and vegetable easily.
All the kids who are interested in learning the all fruits and vegetables and can easily do so by using this app totally free, kids of all ages, can learn about what’s been cooking around their homes and enjoy being able to master the fruits and vegetables names and also how they look.

Parents who don’t have enough time to teach their kids, now they can teach their young ones as the app is very easy to use, mothers and fathers and teach their kids, while having fun and enjoying the special moments of learning with their sons and daughters,
It allows the parents to teach their kids about the fruits and vegetables as its very important to know about these from the very early stage, parents will find this app of fruits and vegetables naming very useful and super-FUN at the same time.

Renew and extend knowledge about fruits and vegetables.
Proper pronunciations of all fruits and vegetables with crisp and clear voice.
Colorful and brightly beautiful designed Flash cards of different vegies and fruits.
Super smooth and easy UI, kids can easily navigate and have super fun.
Vegetables/fruits of all shapes and sizes creatively drawn so, can be used for a longer period of time
The app aim was to enable kids to have entertainment while gaining education at the same time
Thank you, for using our app Fruits and vegetables for kids - learn fast & free, it’s totally free.


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