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Full Battery Charging Alarm

Full Battery Charging Alarm

by Earn and Learn

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  • Full Battery Charging Alarm
  • Full Battery Charging Alarm
  • Full Battery Charging Alarm

Full battery charging Alarm is an android app and it helps to save your phone from damaging because of overcharging. When your phone is on charge and you cannot see the phone for every one minute just simply install the full battery charging alarm app and save you mobile by damaging and also increase your battery life.
In Today’s busy schedule overcharging of battery is a common mistake that can do everyone. Overcharging can damage your battery life so when charging is fully plugged out your mobile so charging full alarm helps you to increase your battery life.
Full Charging alert does a lot of bits of help to save your battery. When the battery 100% gets the alarm ringtone and protects your phone battery by damaging, heating.
Why you Choose this App?
Now a day’s battery overcharging is very common and we keep the phone on charge and forget about the phone and sometimes they check the phone, again and again, is battery full or not so the full battery charging alarm helps us to plug out the phone. This app is also called Battery saver because of this app can save your smartphones by overcharging, heating, hanging and also increasing the battery time.

Key Features of battery full alarm:
• Battery Charging alert
• Battery Alarm
• Charging full Notification
• Good UI
• Increase Battery timing
• Alarm and vibration when battery full
• Full battery alarm
• Non-stop alarm until plugged out.

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