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Gastro pizza oven for the production of pizza / tarte flambée

Imagine opening a pizzeria and not having a pizza oven - unthinkable, of course.

A good pizza oven is essential for a snack bar, Italian restaurant, or pizzaofen

But how do you find the right pizza oven?

A few important considerations:

  • First of all, of course, you have to know what kind of restaurant you run. A "normal" pizzeria, is a restaurant that also offers pizzas or tarte flambée, or a pizza delivery service.
  • Then estimate how many pizzas you want to make or bake per hour or day.
  • How many pizzas would you like to bake at the same time?
    Here you should of course plan a certain reserve.
  • What diameter should your pizzas have?
  • Do you have electricity (230 volts, 400 volts) or do you want to run the pizza oven on gas?

For example, our continuous ovens are ideal for a pizza delivery serviceWith these "conveyor belt ovens" you can easily bake 200 pizzas per hour.
In contrast to a conventional pizza oven with firebrick, a continuous oven has only one baking chamber, which the pizzas "pass through".

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