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GeoSure Global

27 Apr 2018 App Of The Day

GeoSure Global

by GeoSure

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It’s time to start building a safer world, together: Welcome to GeoSure - A Safe Travel App, the future of safety awareness in the palm of your hand!

GeoSure is the world leader in developing the most highly scaled and timely location safety ratings. GeoSure is the first to map neighborhoods in every major city around the world into dynamic safety “temperatures” known as GeoSafeScores™.

GeoSure is the only personalized, location-sensitive safety app on the market. We’re dedicated to making you safer during your travels and at home in your community. GeoSure combines safety-related information gathered through machine learning from thousands of data sources, then models all that information through sophisticated algorithms. The results are scores reflecting localized safety conditions in neighborhoods across the globe.

GeoSure is a global safety conscious community! GeoSure empowers you to help your city, as well as fellow travelers by sharing personal experiences from wherever you are.


Welcome to GeoSure - The World’s Most Trusted Safety Scores™

GeoSure’s goals are ambitious: A safer, more predictable world.

Inform with the most trusted and timely safety awareness information available. Use the power of numbers and a simple 1-100 scale to rapidly understand your safety, anywhere in the world.

Empower communities and residents with the tools to take control of their own well-being, building trust in local institutions and facilitating economic development.

Engage residents to become active participants in building stronger, more resilient communities through community-sourced experience sharing and safety activism.


Have Feedback? Contact us at info@geosureglobal.com.

Get familiar with where you’re headed to know what to expect by checking GeoSure before you travel.

GeoSure drills down to the street level, so refer to it often throughout the day as you’re exploring to make sure the area you’re in is a safe one.

Easily share your insights in seconds! Whether you’re traveling somewhere new or in your hometown, join the global community and let others know what it’s like - great, good other otherwise.

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