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Gifterit : Gift shop for all

Gifterit : Gift shop for all

by Gifterit : Gift shop for all

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  • Gifterit : Gift shop for all

Be the reason for someone’s smile by gifting them something that they love.

How nice would it be to surprise your friends or family with the things that they wish to have in their vicinity? And not to forget, people love to get their desired gifts for their special occasions. 

So, to make their special occasions even more special, we have introduced a distinctive app that is full of unique gifts and gift ideas for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and much more. 

GifterIt is a unique store that lets you make your own self happy with a small contribution from the people who wish to see you happy. This application is exquisitely dedicated to simply the gift-giving process and makes it even more transparent.

Imagine how easy would it be to know what the other person wants. Right!

And what if you get financial aid from your loved ones to purchase that gift. It feels like heaven. So, GifterIt is where your imagination turns into reality.

GifterIt is uniquely developed with a smooth and user-friendly interface wherein you may easily know what the person wants and how to meet the financial requirements to purchase it. 

It has modernized the way of giving gifts to the people we love the most. Be it a wedding gift, birthday gift, eye-catching gift cards, or any special gift, GifterIt is where you can find an exclusive gift idea. 

GifterIt even provides for the option of giving combined gifts by letting the app participants contribute the financial aid to purchase the gift. 

The app includes-

·         Gift-giving for birthdays

·         Gift-giving for weddings

·         Unique gift cards

·         Combine gift-giving for birthdays

·         Combine gift-giving for weddings

·         Special gifts for special occasions

·         Exclusive gift ideas

App features-

·         Financial contributions

·         User-friendly interface

·         Quick delivery of the gifts

·         Safe and secure purchasing with 100% purchase protection and guarantee for safe payments & transactions

·         Hassle-free and convenient payment options such as credit card, Paypal, net banking.

·         24/7 customer support

The most considerable part about this application is how others can help to meet the financial commitment to purchase it. In this way, you can make yourself happy with a little help from the people who want to see you happy.

Privacy policy- 

All the information provided to the app while signing up is fully protected by the app developers. While using the mobile application, information such as your device name, operating system, etc. is automatically collected by our serves which is further used only to identify any potential cases of abuse and establish statistical information regarding the usage of the mobile application. 

However, to take advantage of some of the features of the mobile application, you are expected to provide some of your personal information which may include

·         Personal information, such as name and country

·         Contact information, such as email address

·         Payment information, such as bank details or credit card information

·         Geolocation data, such as latitude and longitude

The information collected, in order to make the services available to you, may be used for the purposes such as

·         Create user accounts and manage it

·         Manage orders

·         Deliver products or services

·         Improve the services

·         Send promotional emails

·         Send marketing campaigns

·         Offer support

·         Request customer feedback

·         Post customer testimonials

·         Enforce the privacy policies 


b>Billing and Payments


In case of any service that requires payments, we request payment account or credit card information, which will solely be used for processing the payments. Once the transaction is completed, all the information will automatically be deleted. All the payment gateways adhere to the security standards as mentioned by the PCI security standard council.


In order to offer you the best experience, GifterIt needs access to the following

·         Files and media- To allow you to provide the gift image from the phone gallery

·         Camera- To let you click a picture of the desired gift 

b>#Terms and conditions apply


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