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Good Bye Smoking

Good Bye Smoking

by Milind Audichya

  • Good Bye Smoking
  • Good Bye Smoking
  • Good Bye Smoking
  • Good Bye Smoking
  • Good Bye Smoking
  • Good Bye Smoking

Want to quit smoking but finding it difficult to say no to your addiction?
Then try our “Good Bye Smoking” app.
“Good Bye Smoking” is an app that will provide you various statistics about cigarettes that still unused, money saved, and from since you have grab your control over smoking.
Set various settings and get full control over your health.
These settings are:
1. Tabs – There are various tabs in the application which shows details accordingly. 
Like Overview tab shows some statistics related to time of quitting, saved cigarettes, saved money on them and so on.

Health tab shows the statistics of your health which is improved after you quit your smoking. You can track your blood pressure, Sense of smell, capacity, stroke and many more.

Goal tab helps you set your goals that you want to achieve over your addiction.

2. Date Format – You can set your preferred date format.
3. Time – Specify the time when you smoked the last.
4. Smoke habits – Enter how many cigarettes you smoke per hour as per your habit.
5. Currency – Select the currency which you spend on your cigarettes based on your country.
6. Cost- Enter the cost or price of a single cigarettes.
7. Set next goal – Some people sets small goals initially so for them it is the next goal to be achieved once the previous goal is achieved.
8. App info – Check out various information related to the application.
9. Diary – You can manage short notes which can help you further to achieve your goal.

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