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Gorgeous Dwelling Place Escape

Gorgeous Dwelling Place Escape

by bestescapegames

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  • Gorgeous Dwelling Place Escape

Gorgeous Dwelling Place Escape is a point and click type new escape game for free developed by
BestEscapeGames. Can you escape Peter from the Gorgeous Dwelling Place.
Peter is a young man living with his friends in New York. Among his friends, Peter is lazy and always be late in
his work. One day, Peter friends thought to teach him a lesson for his laziness. So, they did not wake him up in
the morning and they got ready and go to office by leaving him alone with a spare key in the locked house. After
a few minutes, Peter is awaken and saw no one in the house. When he saw the time, it had been already mid
morning and he has an important meeting within the hour. Peter called his friends but, they switched off their
mobiles and wrote a message on a piece of paper in the hall. When he saw the paper, he learnt they did this on
purpose. Now, Peter must search the spare key on his own to escape from the Gorgeous Dwelling Place and attend
the meeting.

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