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GPS Map Camera

31 Dec 2023 App Of The Day

GPS Map Camera

by kkrinsi

  • GPS Map Camera

GPS Map Camera / Timestamp Camera - This application is easy to get 📍GPS location and GPS coordination on your capture photo as per your current location. Have you ever forgotten a place and location in a photo? GPS Map Camera application can solve this issue.

It’s very simple to use 📷 GPS Map Camera / Photo Stamp Camera app, when application start, GPS information including 📌 latitude, longitude, 🕒 time, 🌤️ weather and 🧭 compass will be displayed on the camera preview. Also you can choose different templates it will give you a beautiful look to the picture.

Whether it’s your 🚀 travel memories or your visit to a particular place, with GPS map camera photo stamp application, No need to remember just clicked and save for long time. A handy feature to let your friends know where you are, but also a handy feature in emergencies.

How to add GPS map location and Location Stamp on photos?

✔ Install GPS Map Camera application in your device.
✔ Set template settings as per your requirement.
✔ Add GPS Location stamps automatically to your clicked pictures.

After you finish your capture photo, you can save it or share it with your friends and family member directly in the action press the icon. You can also view photos in your picture browser. For experimenting this interesting features you must download GPS Map Camera \ Timestamp Camera app on your Smartphone device.

Interesting Features 📷 GPS Map Camera / Timestamp Camera Location:

➤To put my current location on the photo
➤To add Address, Latitude Longitude, GPS Coordinates, Date Time, Compass and Weather
➤Make use of the GPS Map Camera Photo Stamp Camera free anytime anywhere
➤GPS Map Camera Photos for multi-purpose use
➤Enjoy unlimited photo stamps with every clicks

GPS Map Camera / Timestamp Camera is easy tool for many businesses and places like Marine, Military, Civil Engineering, and Architecture where you can easily share your location with Pictures to your client and colleagues as well other people as you want to share.

Most Efficient Timestamp Camera Application for Following Groups of People:

➥ Travelers & Explorers can effectively used Geo-tagging camera
➥ Business related to real estate, Infrastructure, Architecture etc.
➥ Destination celebrations events like Wedding, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
➥ Anyone who wants to add GPS Details on their photo.
➥ Persons having outstation Meetings, conferences, Events arranged by companies or Institutions
➥ Travel, Food, Fashion Bloggers can advance their experiences with location
➥ Place Oriented businesses, to send Live Location to Clients.

When you want to add Location in the easiest and simplest way, you must have a GPS Map Camera / Timestamp Camera App on your Smartphone. As it’s useful to add a Location map stamp on Photos.

Do not forget to share your experiences as well your feedback about this GPS Map Camera / Timestamp Camera.

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