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GPS Speedometer & Odometer

GPS Speedometer & Odometer

by sanayah mobile apps

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  • GPS Speedometer & Odometer
  • GPS Speedometer & Odometer
  • GPS Speedometer & Odometer
  • GPS Speedometer & Odometer

In case of finding original speed ,location and trip designation with maximum speedo use this most accurate speedometer. This Gps Speedometer & Odometer Offline app speed test allow you to find gps speed of your vehicle with many latest features. Speedometer is nice speed app for accurate measurement of car speed, travel speed & walking as well as speed of all kinds of vehicles. Speed tracker and gps speedometer offline can also show trip start point, distance and time with avg speed. Speedometer and odometer has two types meter reading analog as well digital speed values. you can also check train speed live meter. odometer and gps speedometer app provides auto speed in more than one gps speed units like kilo meter per hour (kmph) ,miles per hour mph or knot. Check your journey details or history through speed tracker and know mileages tracker.
Features of Gps Speedometer & Odometer Offline app speed test

Moods of reading
• Analogue gps speedo meter
• Digital gps speedo meter
• Display map for your current location
Gps speedometer and speedo tracking meter has different gps speed units
• Kilometer per hour- kmph
• Miles per hour – mph
• And knot

Through gps odometer and car speedo meter you can check average speed, maximum speed and distance in both meter analogue as well as digitals speed meter.
With the help this speed limit app and gps odometer checks your accurate current speed in kmph or mph.
Speedometer odometer also provide your previous journey history and speed box
Speed odometer can customize
You can on /off notification bar for show the clock and show reset button
For measuring speed of cycle speedo limit app gives you option of cycle meter with bike speedometer
Change gps speedo mood according to your own like car/bike mood, bicycle mood or walk
Digital speedometer and miles tacker show your speed values in notification bar
Check my speed only in notification bar and share it with friends at different social platforms
Free speedometer warn at maximum gps speedo at 100 and top speed
Digihud speedometer and speedometer for bike gives you backgrounds colors with speed alarm
Speed odometer has ability to runs on all version of android
speedometer and kilometers app gives multiples languages
measure car speedo is become more easy
user can resume or start timer
stop trip any time
Usage of speedometer
1. Odometer offline
2. Average speed
3. Maximum speed checking
4. View Current speed
5. Distance tracker

How to use GPS Speedometer : speedo odometer & mileage tracker
• First of install speedometer with same name GPS Speedometer & Odometer Offline app speed test
• After installing best GPS speedometer click on lets start button
• Select speed units in which you want to get speed tracking by digital speedometer like(mph,kmph, or knot)
• Select your desire meter mood of top speed meter analogue or digital
• Click on start trip and turn on GPS permission
• Lets choose your journey mood in setting of speed odometer

With the help of gps speedometer and odometer app and speedometer and km counter a person who is walking can measure own speedo and speed tracking will alarm when speed reached at 10 kmph. Those people who want to check their bike speedo as well as distance with time use speedometer for bike. Digital odometer is very precise using tachometer. Gps speedometer and odometer (mileage tracker) App is design for both screen orientation like landscape and portrait screen so choose one which is best for you.
Record your trips and watch it later any time in odometer app. You can also measure the speed of train by train speed meter .some people also call it gps speedometer for train this is very helpful when you use speedometer app for running train.
We try our best to provides speed tracking meter app with higher accuracy rate but in case of finding any issue please contact us our support team is available for you. give your feedback and rate app.


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