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GPS Voice Navigation

GPS Voice Navigation

by waaiz tech

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Finder Route GPS App is an android app. GPS live route tracking map tells the way of your destination location. Using GPS navigation your starting point and ending point mention and you fallow the route on walking or drive. GPS live satellite map you can use to see traffic on which route and also using GPS route tracker for find route alerts on which road. GPS live street view for tourists and travels and for those people who completely depend upon GPS navigation map and route finder.
Navigate your places with GPS navigation and route finder app. Download the GPS navigation map and live street view and know the nearby places like college hospital, bank, traffic and the public using this route finder and direction finder.

Key Features:

• Navigation
• Nearby Places
• Compass
• Voice Navigation
• Find Distance
• Speed Meter
• Traffic Finder
• Address Finder

GPS navigation and route finder app help to find the best and easy way to your destination. Using the navigation to string point to ending point you fallow on walk or drive.

Nearby places:
Using nearby places to find the places to that is important inside you like school, college restaurant and other famous places find just on click. This feature helps the user to find important places easily.

Show latitude, longitude, and address. This feature have a three types of compass simple compass, camera compass, and map compass.

Voice Navigator:
Voice navigator helps the people to find the places on the map and voice navigation helps in finding nearby places, like hospitals when you are in a hurry you just have to say the place name.

Find Distance:
Measure the distance between the starting place to the ending place and also measure the kilometer and calculate the total time and tell you how many times to require to the ending point.

Speed Meter:
GPS navigation and route finder can easily measure current travel speed in km / h and measure distance traveled in km also show the speed and show if your speed is less than the required speed.

GPS Tracker:
GPS tracker is a very important feature because if you go to someplace and you forget your current location name then GPS tracker location finder tells the name of the current place where you stand.

Traffic Finder:
Traffic finder is the most important feature of GPS navigation and route founder. It tells you the best route for travel.it also tells which route is less traffic and on which route traffic high. The Yellow option indicate the medium traffic. The Red will indicate medium heavy traffic. The Dark Red indicate the heavy traffic.

Address Finder:
Address finder is important because its role is very important if you don’t know the address of any place then in search place you search the address that you want. Forget address can be find easily through this address finder


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