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GST Calculator - CGST & SGST

10 Jul 2022 App Of The Day

GST Calculator - CGST & SGST

by Quick App Labs

  • GST Calculator - CGST & SGST
  • GST Calculator - CGST & SGST
  • GST Calculator - CGST & SGST
  • GST Calculator - CGST & SGST
  • GST Calculator - CGST & SGST
  • GST Calculator - CGST & SGST
  • GST Calculator - CGST & SGST
  • GST Calculator - CGST & SGST

GST Calculator - CGST & SGST is ready to use GST (Goods and Service Tax) calculator for finding GST on total amount with CGST, SGST, and IGST. Along with GST calculation, one can use this easy tool as a reverse GST calculator to conduct the reverse calculation of GST.

This simplified GST India calculator helps you to estimate gross or net product price on the basis of GST rates. Also, this handy tool gives you the price bifurcation between CGST and SGST, or precisely estimates IGST. More importantly, this easy GST calculation will save time and accurately calculate the GST rate & determine the net prices of any item.

How to Calculate GST Inclusive with GST Calculator - CGST & SGST?

Step 1:- Enter the price of goods or services
Step 2:- Apply applicable GST tax rate (3%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%)

That’s set! GST Calculator - CGST & SGST will display the amount of tax for each tax head CGST & SGST, or IGST with net prices of goods and services.

How to Remove GST from Total Amount?

By using a reverse GST calculator, one can easily conduct a reverse calculation of GST to minus GST from net prices & find out how much GST was charged.

Step 1:- Enter net or gross price of goods and services
Step 2:- Select GST rate that was applied on MRP of an item (Select that tax percentage with a minus sign)

Here you go! GST Calculator - CGST & SGST will instantly estimate how much GST was charged on a particular MRP of the item with CGST, SGST, and IGST

Key Features of GST Cal:

~ Quick & fast easy GST calculator to calculate GST on amount
~ GST minus calculator to remove GST from total amount
~ Inclusive GST calculator with GST exclusive calculator
~ Change GST% - You can set your custom GST tax rates
~ Share or copy the result of the GST calculator to your friend and family member
~ Calculate GST on amount with CGST and SGST calculator
~ Show bifurcation of the taxes in form of CGST, SGST, and IGST
~ Combined GST cal with the calculator to perform basic calculation
~ Save every calculated GST detail with the net amount, CGST, SGST, and IGST. View all saved details in the history

We kept this GST rate calculator simple and easy so anyone can perform tax calculations even if they do know little about GST calculation.

This GST exclusive calculator was developed especially for India, you can use this calcy as:

~ GST Calculator Gujarat
~ GST Calculator Bangalore
~ GST Calculator Karnataka
~ GST Calculator Delhi
~ GST Calculator Mumbai & for all states

Download this Indian GST calculator app & quickly calculate GST tax with a single click

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