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01 Mar 2022 App Of The Day


by GuruQ

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GuruQ is India’s best tutoring app!
The new GuruQ App is extremely easy and secure to use. The User Interface of the app is far more user friendly with an even more personalised student and tutor dashboard.
We thrive on the mantra ‘one phone, one learning app’. The GuruQ app replaces your several learning apps because on GuruQ, you can find tutors for school education, competitive exams, language learning and study abroad all one 1 APP and take classes from within the App itself so you never need another learning app.
Students can now search tutors for all their learning needs more effectively and easily through the various available features across the following key modules:

Find Best Tutors:
As soon as student provides their education details(study area, class, subject etc.), the app will recommend desirable best tutors across India for their learning need, as well as for other subjects that might be of interest. One can also choose from the recommended tutors.

One app for all your learning needs:
GuruQ is your one stop solution for all your learning needs. On the app, you can find best tutors for K-12 school education, Competitive exams, Language learning and even for your studies abroad.
Personalised Dashboard:
In the GuruQ app you have a personalised dashboard, so you can find and book tutors easily by just adding your educational details. You can view your upcoming classes, manage all your tutors, rebook classes all from your dashboard. It also recommends tutors as per your subject, reminders for scheduled classes, notification for activities on the app etc.

Search tutors easily:
GuruQ app provides several options to book top tutors for you. Student can simply search for tutors in the search bar, if you are still unable to find any tutor, you can post your tuition need and app will recommend some of the best tutors based on your learning need.

Take classes on the app :
GuruQ’s inbuilt video conference system allows you to take classes on the app itself. This feature saves students' time of shuffling between third party applications and is way more safe and secure in terms of students' data. The video conference additionally comes with features like chat option and screen sharing to make the classes more interactive.

Reschedule classes with ease:
The Scheduler is one of the core engines of the GuruQ App. It allows students to view the availability of tutors, and book class slots with them as per their convenience. Even if a student wants to reschedule classes, they can do it a few clicks all from their dashboard.

Get Immediate refunds:
The GuruQ app rewards students and tutors who actively engage with the GuruQ platform through various features and functionalities by giving them Q-points for various activities. E.g. If a student cancels a booking, they will get immediate refund through Q-points which they can redeem to book new classes.

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