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Hadees of Day – حديث اليوم‎

Hadees of Day – حديث اليوم‎

by Mr

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  • Hadees of Day – حديث اليوم‎

Words of Wisdom from the Holy Prophet i.e. Ahadith- e- Nabvi have great importance in our life. These are the words of Muhammad PBUH that saved many from betraying. Although bunch of Ahadith Apps are already there for reader to spark their Eeman, however our team also put its effort for this noble cause. Since Islamic Calendar reveals that Ramadan Kareem is ready to shower its blessings, in such a blissful month everyone urges to refresh their faith by recalling Allah and His Messenger. To help you recall Islamic teachings and the ideologies, our developers have compiled Ahadith –e- Nabvi from one of the most authentic Hadees resources i.e. Bukhari Sharif and Sahih Muslim

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