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Hajeri: Free Attendance App

Hajeri: Free Attendance App

by AM ventures

  • Hajeri: Free Attendance App
  • Hajeri: Free Attendance App
  • Hajeri: Free Attendance App
  • Hajeri: Free Attendance App

Hajeri is Free Attendance System mobile app.

Hajeri is Contactless, Paperless, Touchless Attendance System.Hajeri is QR Code Scanning Attendance System.Hajeri.in is offering an Online Attendance Management System. This app is offering a free attendance management system for all the visitors and staff without worrying about spreading any infection through touch. In this pandemic as infection can spread through touch Hajeri is best solution for attendance management. Employees will no longer need to sign on entry book or point a finger at a biometric scanner to report to work.

Hajeri Online Attendance Management System is a replacement for the conventional bio-metric attendance system including features like touch-less attendance and paperless attendance and contactless attendance. So for registering attendance, the user only have to scan the QR code with his/her mobile.

Two Different types of login
1) Organization Login
2) Other Than Organization Login

1) For Organization Login - First register yourself with Mobile number and verify with OTP and then you can generate your own QR code for your organization.

2) For Other Than Organization Login - User have to register with their mobile number, and verify yourself with OTP.

Hajeri Online free attendance management system helps you to manage your visitors and staff attendance with the help of a simple QR code scanner. This makes the app pretty easy to be used and managed. For generating QR code with geo location organizations have to send a request with this app. At the end of the month employee attendance report will be generated in excel sheet format.

Key Features of Hajeri Online Free attendance management system

- Mark your attendance in a single click
- Paperless Attendance System
- Touchless Attendance System
- Free Digital Attendance Management System
- No need for finger print or paperwork
- Online attendance management system
- Online attendance management system for Teachers
- Online attendance management system for Employees
- Online attendance management system for Visitors
- Manage as per Date and Time
- Track the employee records easily on Mobile
- All records of attendance stored online
- Easily log in with simple details
- 100% Safe and Secure Data
- Made in India

Why Hajeri?
- In the times of current pandemic, old and traditional methods of attendance management can cause the risk of virus transmission. A biometric attendance system can always be unsafe as it requires the touch of the attendees. Using Hajeri, you don’t have to worry about the proximity due to touch and paperwork. Just a click and you are good to go!

- Mark your attendance without causing any contact or touch. All you have to do is scan the QR Code with your own login identity. No further trouble.

- No need to worry about the management of huge records with the heavy pile of papers. With the help of an online attendance management system, Hajeri makes it convenient for you to use.

- Track and maintain digital records with just a single click.

- All these exciting easy-to-use features come with no charges. YES! You read that right. Hajeri is completely free.

Who can use Hajeri?
Hajeri can be used by people ranging from local shop vendors to huge industries, from small business merchants to big institutions. Any place which requires management of attendance of a huge number of people can make use of this free of cost application.

Make Employee or Visitor Attendance easy for your shop or office by using Hajeri Free Online Attendance System. Made with hope in INDIA.

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