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24 Jun 2017 App Of The Day


by Hamonie

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And end up lucky:

Before you sign up with Harmony you, should realise that it is not an app
for chatting or one night stands, unlike other dating apps. Harmony is an
algorithm to find your soul mate; it could take days, even weeks to find a
compatible match.

How would it be, if today using our app, you met someone new? If an
algorithm allowed you by chance, by an intelligent chance, to achieve your
greatest wish: "a harmonious loving relationship"?

of all, allow yourself be guided by our Harmony application and complete your
profile as seriously and as accurately as possible. Once you have entered
sufficient information, our search algorithm will begin. The algorithm will put
you in touch with your soul mate. That person, who from your criteria, defined
precisely and mathematically, will be in closest harmony with you, according to
your profile.

Meet someone in harmony with yourself

profiles that you do not like or with whom you have not shared anything will
disappear! With "Harmony", you can rethink your ideas about dating.
Our algorithm will make connections for you only if you have at least a 50%
compatibility with another person. You will never be inconvenienced by
mismatched profiles, which will simply be discarded.

On the
other hand, you will be put in contact with someone who has the same affinity
as you, with whom you can share the leisures and passions you have in common.

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