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HD Wallpapers from WallR

14 Oct 2017 App Of The Day

HD Wallpapers from WallR

by Abhriya Roy

  • HD Wallpapers from WallR
  • HD Wallpapers from WallR
  • HD Wallpapers from WallR
  • HD Wallpapers from WallR
  • HD Wallpapers from WallR
  • HD Wallpapers from WallR
  • HD Wallpapers from WallR
  • HD Wallpapers from WallR

Did you know that an average user checks their device more than 80 times a day? Make each time a real pleasure with beautiful HD wallpapers from WallR. Let your device be a treat to your eyes every-time you check it.

Enable WallR’s Automatic Wallpaper Changer and it will keep changing your device wallpaper, automatically. Thus, set up once, and forget. WallR, will keep providing you with your favorite HD Wallpapers.

You have a vast sea of over 100k+ beautiful HD Wallpapers to choose from along with brand new beautiful HD wallpapers being added everyday across 10+ categories.

WallR is your Jarvis for wallpapers.

- 100k+ HD Wallpapers
- Search for your favorite HD Wallpapers
- Set Wallpapers with just a single click
- Customize and then set as Wallpapers
- Download wallpapers
- Add to gallery for offline use
- Crystallize wallpapers to generate some state of the art low poly images
- Change wallpaper Automatically
- Share wallpapers directly, without downloading them


Download Wallpapers – Download and save HD Wallpapers to your device’s memory and use them for anything you want to.

Crystallize Wallpapers – Convert any Wallpaper from within the app to a beautiful and exotic low poly Image. As a pro user, you also have the ability to save the Crystallized Wallpaper.

Automatic Wallpaper Changer – Firstly, add your favorite images to the gallery using the ‘Add to gallery’ option and then choose the interval after which a wallpaper should change (you have options ranging from 30 minutes to 3 days) and then just enable it. You can also shuffle them.

Add to collection for offline use – You can add your favorite wallpapers to the collection and select any wallpaper among them and set them as wallpaper, even when offline.

Share wallpapers directly, without downloading them – We have hosted the wallpapers in our server, thus all you need to do is share the link of the image to your desired person, and then he/she can download the wallpaper by just clicking on the link.

Ads free experience - We don't like ads, just like you don't. Enjoy a complete ads free experience.


Explanation - Used to obtain wallpapers. Also used by internal performance based tools like CrashAnalytics to track crashes

Explanation - To download Wallpapers and also to change the wallpapers automatically.

Please note that the WallR app consists of high quality wallpapers. Regular usage can use a lot of data. Please be aware that your Internet Service Provider or mobile carrier's normal rates and fees may apply to your use of WallR You are solely responsible for such charges and fees.

This app contains ads that can be removed, and features which can be accessed with an In App-Purchase.

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