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Headset Answer

17 Oct 2016 App Of The Day

Headset Answer

by Magdelphi

  • Headset Answer
  • Headset Answer
  • Headset Answer
  • Headset Answer
  • Headset Answer

Headset_Answer convenient application for Bluetooth headsets!
Each of us have the phone numbers to which we certainly respond.
There are situations when the response to certain numbers would be more convenient in the automatic mode.
So, if You're driving and You call from Your relatives, program Headset_Answer , after a certain time, will the connection with the subscriber.
Also, the program Headset_Answer will be indispensable for corporate structures, when using it, the phone actually turns into a portable radio and telephone employee independently answer an incoming phones of a certain group.
There are still many possibilities of using the program Headset_Answer.

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