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HerMantra: Women’s Health App

HerMantra: Women’s Health App

by Mantra Care

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  • HerMantra: Women’s Health App
  • HerMantra: Women’s Health App
  • HerMantra: Women’s Health App
  • HerMantra: Women’s Health App

HerMantra is a comprehensive wellness platform for women for issues related to PCOS / PCOD, reproductive health, fertility, ovulation, menstruation and menopause.

PCOSMantra understands your struggle and helps you manage women's health issues naturally through various lifestyle changes such as diet, meditation, mindful breathing, pranayama, yoga and exercise.

HerMantra offers a complete women's health app with period tracker, wellness tracker, weight loss tracker, calorie tracker, diet consultations, fun fitness sessions, awesome diet plans, yoga and tai-chi sessions, Mental Health Therapist, and PCOS recipes.

📌 Here's what all you can do on the HerMantra app:

✔️ 1. Period tracker:
Tracking your period just got easier! Simply log your period date, flow, and pain on the app and see the progress you are making.

✔️ 2. Wellness Tracker:
Use our wellness tracker to simply log your mood, hair loss, acne, weight, and gut health concerns, and see your progress chart.

✔️ 3. Personalized fitness coach
Our nutritionist and fitness experts build a plan around your health goals - be it conceiving with PCOS, losing weight, or treating PCOS symptoms like acne, hair loss, irregular or painful periods, and mood swings.

✔️ 4. Fun fitness sessions:
Try our live & interactive fun fitness sessions designed around different needs for women experiencing PCOS. Experience Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, or Power Yoga, throughout the day, from the comfort of your home! These fitness sessions will help you in losing weight, regulating hormones, and reducing stress and anxiety.

✔️ 5. Personalised Diet & Workout Plan
Work with our experienced nutrition coaches who create a tailor-made plan depending on your Goal, BMI & body structure. Our plans will aid in your journey to better health by helping you lose weight, regulate hormones and reduce stress and anxiety.

✔️ 6. Consultations with mental health experts:
PCOS tends to take a toll on our mental wellbeing as well. Our team of clinical psychologists and counsellors will assist you to relax, unclog and clear your mind via techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help you back into your best self.

✔️ 7. Get your hands on fun recipes:
Bored of the boring, healthy food you've been recommended? Explore some new and exciting recipes - specially designed for women going through PCOS!

Over 91% of our users have shown improvement in their PCOS symptoms including regular periods, weight loss, and better skin and hair.

⭐HerMantra features⭐

- Women HerMantra app supports 50+ languages
- 200+ unique home workout exercises
- Track your weight loss progress, calories burned, ovulation & calculate your BMI
- Workout reminder helps you make the workout a daily habit
- PCOS & PCOD cure home-workout which you can use offline as well
- Daily health tips
- Share your workout session on Social media & motivate people to be fit
- Breathing exercise tips and advice on video

📌 Wellness app for Women Employees

We offer corporate women health program . We provide effective consultations for treating PCOS, online with regular virtual check ins & teleconsultations.

🏅About HerMantra:
Her Mantra is a part of Mantra Care, a global mental and physical wellbeing provider. Named one of the Most Innovative Companies, our team includes passionate individuals from ISB, Wharton, and Mckinsey.

Email us: contact@mantracare.org

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