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09 Jun 2023 App Of The Day


by hobbytwin

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Meet real people nearby who share the same hobbies, same interests, and similar career skills anywhere around the globe. 
Hobbytwin helps you meet instant skill mentors next door, hobby matches in college, or even new friends and neighbors who explore and the share same hobby skills and interests.

Whether bored at home, or just want to learn hobbies online, we match you with a hobby mentor right next door, and even find new friends through the same interests you love when you travel or relocate to a new city.
Your new friends could be next door or waiting in a new city. Simply search any hobby, interest, or skill, and save it to get matched with a mentor instantly.
Is it swimming, cycling, painting, baking, acting, amateur astronomy, restoring cars, salsa dancing, golfing, playing chess, a musical instrument, or any other fun activity? 
You are in the right place.
Everyone you meet can teach you something you don't know.

i.    Download the app
ii.    Search/Enter any hobby name
iii.    Set skill level
iv.    Save it, and that's it: Instant matches!

What’s more?
- Filter and sort matches by Distance, Location, Gender, and Age-group.
- Scheduling calendar for hobby sessions
- Share hobby-exploring moments (Pics and Videos) with your Hobbytwin network. 
- Direct Message your hobby matches
-Create hobby Teams/groups for any activity with matches around you into the same activities you like for easier scheduling.

Get matched with friends, classmates, and colleagues into the same fun activities you love anywhere in the world. Get together, explore, and have fun together.

If the proficiency level for a particular skill is set to “Intermediate or above”:
- The app saves you as a mentor for that skill, and you will get session requests from your matches, but you also get matched with people on your skill level.

- If you accept the request, set the most convenient “mentoring schedule” for you, and a location of choice for the mentoring session.

-Invite any follower (Twin) to a hobby lesson if you don’t want to explore your mentoring hobby skill alone.

If you set the skill level to “Start" or "Beginner”:
- You get instant, and unlimited matches to mentor you for every skill, and also matches on your skill level to explore with.
- You can either send them Lesson Requests or Remove them from your matches list.
- Sort matches by Distance, Location, Gender, and Age-group.

Did your lecture just get canceled? Or do you have a free afternoon? Get matched with a classmate, a flatmate, or a dorm neighbor who can teach you how to paint, play the guitar, or the piano, chess, improv acting, sing, learn a language, or any other passions or interests.

Get a hobbytwin, share hobbies, interests, or courses and have fun, and explore new skills and activities together.

Adjust the map radius to just a few meters and share hobbies, interests & career skills with the people familiar and closest to you; neighbors, classmates, and colleagues. Get together under a tree or a common area and have fun painting, doing yoga, or exchanging other fun skills activities.

1.    Continuity
- If you just relocated to a new city but don’t know where to begin, get instant matches around you into the skills you loved in your old city. E.g. Yoga.
2.    Meet and know your neighbors
3.    Learn new fun skills and activities
4.    Make real friends
5.    Manage lonesome illnesses
 - Stress, anxiety, and depression by finding a neighbor into the hobbies you like and do them together when bored or on your day off.
6.    Maximize your skills and talents
7.    Learn new & free skills
8.    Preserve skills
9.    Discover your true talents

Explore, Create and share fun memories with other fun enthusiasts anywhere around the globe. 
Get the app today and invite a friend for instant matching!

HobbyTwin is your true passions network!

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