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17 Sep 2020 App Of The Day


by Claude Gherasim

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hunText is a powerful file manager with full text search enabled, with which you can manage your device and cloud content and do a full text search on all the files at one place. You can customize your search on specific folders and easily manage your content with all type of file managing operations.

Main features:
- Search thoroughly through all your mobile content and cloud
- Customizable fast indexing by selecting the folders and get the intended search results faster
- Manual refresh and re-indexing features allow you to control the search behavior
- Instantly notice a number of green boxes overlaid matching to your query, when word typed in "search" box
- Easily flip pages with the searched word highlighted
- Personalize your home screen by adding/deleting folders and get a count of files in your home screen
- Offers a great way to navigate through the hierarchy from the finder path bar
- Beautiful Material Design
- Provides all kind of file managing operations like adding a folder, delete files, move, sort, compress*, share, upload to cloud and much more
- Offers easy wireless file transfer between mobile device and PC through FTP
- Storage analyzer

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