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Hypnotic Recordings

Hypnotic Recordings

by Claude Newman

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Hypnotic Recordings is an app that helps you gain confidence and relax. It is developed by UK Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve Wichett SNLP. Both free hypnosis recordings provide a gentle and effective way to relax both your mind and body, using progressive relaxation suggestions and gentle, soothing background music. An ideal way to relax and re-charge in a spare fifteen minutes.

You can also unlock deeper and more profound hypnosis recordings from within the app. Experience just what you would in a one-to-one session with this NLP Master Practitioner and Licensed NLP Trainer, at a fraction of the cost. These recordings are yours to keep and use forever.

Using the latest psychological approaches and modern methods of inducing hypnotic trance, Steve is well known for the high quality of his private client work.

As an experienced hypnotherapist with over 20 years in practice, based in London's prestigious Harley Street and Hampshire, he says "I have always been fascinated by hypnosis, and just how easily it works.....the unconscious mind seems to know just what to do, and at just the right time. "

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