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iConnectX: Fundraising app for charity

23 Feb 2021 App Of The Day

iConnectX: Fundraising app for charity

by WeInvite

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  • iConnectX: Fundraising app for charity
  • iConnectX: Fundraising app for charity
  • iConnectX: Fundraising app for charity
  • iConnectX: Fundraising app for charity
  • iConnectX: Fundraising app for charity
  • iConnectX: Fundraising app for charity
  • iConnectX: Fundraising app for charity

iConnectX is an online fundraising app for nonprofit charities to raise funds through >online auctions, >silent auctions, >online donations, ticketed events, mentoring, programs, volunteering, text-to-give fundraising or mobile giving and more to support charity programs and causes.

iConnectX supports below services on its app
1. Online silent auction
2. One time and recurring donation
3. Text giving or mobile giving or text-to-give fundraising
4. Volunteering
5. Mentoring programs
6. Fundraisers
7. iBridge

iConnectX is a platform for nonprofits and individuals to create fundraiser virtual events and auctions help raise funds to support their cause and programs.

Online silent auction is available on both web or mobile platform. Our tool has made the world a smaller place by allowing bidders to bid from any part of the world to enter in auction. This has opened new doors for both nonprofits and bidders. Who will outbid the bidders in the end of auction will be declared winner.

Also, iConnectX adds a value with mentoring feature for professionals, executives and industry experts. A mentee can register in the app to get mentored just by donating the fee decided by mentor.

As a mentor, you can donate your time to individuals, just by sharing knowledge and experience and best of all, your mentoring fee goes to your favorite charity!

Great idea! Now you can have online auction, donation, events, programs, mentoring, volunteering, text giving to support all-in-one platform.




Register your nonprofit account to:

• Promote advocacy for your cause and programs through a mini-site with your images, story and content

• Promote your events in the online Marketplace, sell tickets, collect RSVPs, even recruit sponsors. From drives to fundraisers, set up the event and iConnectX displays it in the Marketplace and our social media pages.

• Promote your volunteer opportunities and direct them to your online forms

• Build and promote your auctions. From electronics to travel, you can setup, run, and promote them on the platform.



• Build your network through connections with peers, buying time from executives and industry experts, or volunteering for local Nonprofits.

• Build an iBridge and share your time and knowledge as an industry expert and at the same time, support your favorite cause

• Start a Fundraiser to help support your favorite cause, add in auction items, event tickets and iBridges to help generate more donations.

• Find volunteer opportunities to help support your favorite cause



Register your company account and:

• Build your brand through a mini-site with your logo,

• Promote your Corporate Social Responsibilities through connections with Nonprofits

• Engage your employees to help make a bigger impact on your causes

• Promote your brand and build awareness of your CSR



• Easy to register and build your account

• Build your network with “like-minded” professionals

• Donate, buy and share time to support local nonprofits

• Build fundraisers to support your favorite nonprofit

• Include supporting activities around your fundraiser, auctions, event tickets, iBridges

• Nonprofits can set up their page in minutes, adding photos, videos, programs, volunteer opportunities and more.

• Secure payment process built-in for donations, auctions, event tickets and iBridge

• Know that your donation or payment is going to the correct nonprofit, you are paying through their mini-site

• Email and in-app notifications on payments, auction bids, ticket purchases, etc.

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