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Infinite Music - Rediscover your media library

26 Apr 2017 App Of The Day

Infinite Music - Rediscover your media library

by L&J - grubBeats Team

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  • Infinite Music - Rediscover your media library
  • Infinite Music - Rediscover your media library
  • Infinite Music - Rediscover your media library
  • Infinite Music - Rediscover your media library
  • Infinite Music - Rediscover your media library

With Infinite Music your playlists become interactive and you will REDISCOVER YOUR iTUNES LIBRARY with smart remixing and mashups.

grub your music to see its structure at a glance and to extract audio sequences that flow together:
- Play your Playlists as a single song by automatically jumping to a following song at points in which they are dynamically similar
- Play your music by automatically linking audio sequences can be surprising, unbelievable and even funny
- Compose a customized listening experience by selecting audio sequences to link
- Play your music as usual and select audio locations to jump to on the beat

Additional features:
- Change playlists automatically with activity detection (resting, walking, running, cycling and driving)
- Automatically match your music to your running or walking rhythm
- Synchronize lighting of your Philips HUE lamps to the rhythm of your music

Infinite Music plays ALL music without DRM protection stored in your library, so share your best grubs!
Be open, creative, passionate. Take your music and grub it!

To compose a mashup :
- select a Playlist, a genre, an album (Infinite Music provides best experience with Pop, Dance, Electro, Techno, RnB ...)
- select the song you want to play first
- select listen delay before skipping to next song (for ex. "as soon as possible" will find links to a following song as the current song is playing)
- activate Song Transition option allowing Infinite Music to find and save the best jumps between songs

Ad free.
App designed for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad using music stored in your iTunes library.
Music attached to an email (long touch on attached file to play).
Music stored on Dropbox (Dropbox must be installed).
Music stored on iCloud Drive (ratings and tempo cannot be saved in this case).
Infinite Music uses new audio analysis technology that is compatible with your iTunes library.
Infinite Music is not yet compatible with streaming platforms because they do not allow access to audio of the songs.
Requires iOS 9.3 or higher.
Background and multi-tasking support.
Possible uses : see our website www.grubbeats.com

The more feedback you send us, the better next versions will be!
Send us an email at support-infinitemusic@grubbeats.com
Follow us on facebook : www.facebook.com/grubBeats/

Tutorial Music (c) Yota by L&J Productions
Albums covers for illustrations (c) L&J Productions and Monopsone

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